If you think you do not have interest for car racing video games, wait and check out the awesomeness of Asphalt nitro. I bet you haven’t seen any car racing game like it yet.

The game is one of the car racing series (Asphalt) developed by the well-known game company “Gameloft”.

Asphalt nitro

Features Of The Asphalt Nitro

  • Amazing Car Tracks -The car tracks are without obstruction which makes the acceleration of your car swift. The car tracks are designed to be in a particular region found in the game. You also have cliffs found on the track to give your car amazing moves that could help you move ahead of your competitors.
  • Mind Blowing Graphics-The game has a great graphic design that makes you feel in the particular region you racing. The environment constructions of the Asphalt nitro would so wow you and get you into action while playing.
  • Different Cars-The Asphalt Nitro is a 3D game with different cars. As you win races you earn more money to purchase faster cars of famous brands. Which could help you win more races and the abilities of these cars are so mind blowing as you get to win more games and unlock more regions. In the game, your car reverses automatically anytime you begin to go the wrong direction.


Asphalt Nitro has a very smart control that helps you move your car to the direction of your choice as you move. As you drive your car, you get to pick up nitro which you use to speed up your car. So so… so amazing!!!!

With immediate effect, you can get your Asphalt nitro car racing video game from your Google play store. Hurry now Asphalt nitro on the lead.

How to Download This Fun-Filled Game

To download the game you don’t have to go through much stress as it has been made very easy in this article. The game is available both on Android and iOs devices. You can use the links below to download the game and have fun.