Grammarly is an online grammar check tool. It is the world’s leading automated grammar checker designed by world leading linguists around the globe. So you can imagine how effective it will be. It checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage, and suggests citations. The online grammar check tool is a must have

grammar check

The online grammar check tool is a must have personal assistant for writers. A proofreading and editing tool that totally enhances your writing and clarity. Grammarly gives you the strength to write more.

How Does This Grammar Check Work?

Grammarly improves communication by helping its users to find and correct errors in their contents. The tool has:

  • Ability to copy and paste text on the free online grammar checker or install the Grammarly extension to use in your browser.
  • An algorithm flag potential which highlights all errors in your current document. It gives comprehensive reasons behind each correction.
  • Allows you to make the changes. No worries as you can undo the changes made.

Who Can use This Grammar Check tool?

Grammarly provides expert help with instant feedback on the precision, impact, and credibility of your English writing. Also, a variety of fields, such as healthcare, marketing, law, engineering, and journalism makes use of it.

Widely used by students to improve their writing in essays, reports, theses, assignments, dissertations. Job seekers, foreign students learning the English language and non-native English-speaking professionals make use of this powerful tool.

What Browsers Does it Support?

It supports virtually all browsers –  Safari, Firefox, Chrome and the rest. The grammar checker might not be compatible with your browser.  So to be in safe hands, you could visit their web page Contact them or probably check the FAQ.

Where Can I use this Grammer Check  App?

You can use this grammar check tool on any platform. Unlike some other grammar checkers. Furthermore, you can use Grammarly on your favorite sites. You can use Grammarly in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Want to hear something cool? Grammarly can also be used in other platforms like Ms-word and excel. Awesome right? Now, wait till you hear the rest. Note that the app doesn’t have a mobile version yet.

More About Grammarly

Grammarly is not just out to proofread for you. This app is built to make you enjoy writing and educate you. There is also room for the addition of words to your Grammarly dictionary. In addition, you can add words like names of people, slogan etc to the dictionary as this helps the grammar checker. It checks for contextual spelling.

That is, the app can edit your content in American or British English, all you need do is change the context in the application settings. Grammarly checkmates Sentence structure and style.

For users who want to refine, their writing performance and leave no errors. Grammarly premium package identifies over 250 grammatical errors, denotes advanced issues and other writing problems.

Like Genre, improves vocabulary and spots plagiarism. You can subscribe to the Grammarly premium package quarterly, monthly or yearly depending on how often you write.

Harness the power of English with this powerful online grammar checker.