PayPal Login – Login to your PayPal account and stay in charge of your accounts. Transfer money in seconds, with just an email address. PayPal Login has been simplified for users, to help them log into their account in a matter of seconds.

paypal login

The PayPal platform has accumulated broad influx of followers, due to its reliable track record over the years. With your PayPal account, you can send money to other PayPal account holders in a split of seconds. Paypal is used in over 100 countries of the world.

Here, we take you thru the steps you can use for paypal sign in  easily and securely.

PayPal Login on PayPal Website

You can log into your PayPal account, thru the PayPal website, this implies you are going to make use of the PayPal’s website to access your account.

  • Scroll to the site in any computer Web browser, and tick the “Log in” button

Alternatively, you’ll need to tap “Proceed to Account Overview,” on an ad page, to reach your account.

  • As soon as, you get logged in, you can do the following;
    • Send, or request money,
    • Check your history, and
    • Change account settings.
    • With this site, you can host a message board, for getting help, from other users.

It is best that you make the PayPal website, your first option, when you want to login. You stand to get more features here, than on any of PayPal’s other sites.

How To Login PayPal account using PayPal Mobile Site

Before you get started on the PayPal Login process using the mobile site. Take note, that the mobile version of PayPal’s site, has similar features, like that of the full site, even though,  not all of the content has been formatted to fit mobile screens.

  • To login, scroll to the mobile site
  • Proceed to PayPal’s usual address on a smartphone device
  • You will be immediately taken to the correct version for your device.

PayPal Login Using PayPal App

First, you need to download your PayPal app from the play store or iTunes store for Apple users. Login using the PayPal app, all you need do to login, is to use your cell phone number and a PIN, in place of your email address, and password.

How to Login Paypal Account Using Other Sites

There are online stores, who accept PayPal payments, this includes eBay. They attach a PayPal login page as part of their check out process, which means, once you’re logged in, you’ll pick a payment source and a shipping address, and next, your browser goes back to the store’s checkout page. You can follow up on these payments later, by logging into PayPal’s site directly. Your entire history will be shown by your account no matter how you send the payments.

Note; Take this necessary precaution,  when you are paying with PayPal on another site, and make sure, your browser’s address bar, shows PayPal’s URL, starting with https, before you proceed to login, to forestall being tricked into giving up your account information by other dubious sites, who can use this to sap your funds.

Startup with the Paypal login process, and stay tuned with your account 24/7 and make payments with ease, simply and faster.